December, 81 2005: Yes, still alive! Added ZPhoto under graphics and Simple Sudoku under Games.

January, 7th: Happy new year! Started with the update of broken links...

December, 31st 2003: I just wanted to make one more update in 2003 ;-) Sorry, real updates will have to follow. So far I only added some programs for Palm PDAs. Please notice: As usual I list only programs I have tested myself and I personally like. My PDA is a Palm Zire71.

Updates on February, 5rd 2003: Irfan View 3.80, XNView 1.50, Terragen 0.8.68, SSMM 3.5.2, Finale Notepad 2003, X-Fonter 3.7.3, Geerts Backgammon 2.9.7, updated the link for Hammerhead under Sound and deleted FLOW! under Misc.
New entries, all under Misc: MindMan Personal Edition for MindMapping, Great Family for Genealogy and Visual Thought for charts and diagramms. Enjoy.

News on October 19th: Two graphic programs for picture mosaics added: 'Tyler' (welcome back) and 'Centarsia', which changed from shareware to postcardware. Added a font comparison tool under miscellaneous. Also added some links.

If you have a suggestion for this site or find a broken link, please let me know.
Are you looking for a program you don't find here? Send me a mail, may be I can help.
Please note the small wombats to show my personal favourites.

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