Graphic Tools
ZPhoto Looking for a different photo presentation? Zphoto creates a flash-based on-line album from photos taken by your digital camera. (v1.2, 1.65M)
Tyler Here you still can find the tool for creating picture mosaics as the one for 'Truman story'. Do this effect with your own picture collection. (v3, 340k)
Centarsia Went from Share- to Postcard-ware: Without the key you can only use 400 pictures per mosaic, much more options than Tyler. (v1.3.6.32, 940k)
Digital camera tools Simply great. With these tools (from Digital camera enhancer to hot pixel remover) you get the most out of your digital pictures. A must-have for every digital photographer. (several programs)
Picture-Shark Make them know, that this picture is yours. Mark your pictures with your logo, your name or a copyright notice. Many options for position, transparency and blending ("feather"). (v1.0 pre, 750 kb)
Panorama factory Merge your pictures to a panorama widescreen image. Automatic merging available as well as several options to improve the output. Saving as picture (bmp) only, 360° not available in the freeware-version. (v1.6, 2.5MB)
Pixmaker light Transform a series of shots into an interactive 360° Scene in 3 easy steps. Publish your scene as JPG, Webpage (html+java) or interacvtive Postcard (exe). Lite version leaves a small footer on your image. (v1.0.6, 4 MB)
MovieXone Cut your videos and add fantastic effects, create your own individual transitions und add animation, titles and edit audio also. Supports resolution up to 768 x 576 pixels with 1 video track, 1 A/B editing track and 3 audio tracks. (v4.0, 23 MB, different languages, not tested yet)
Pixia Great pixel editor from Japan (program is in english anyway ;-) with lots of tools, filters and options, supporting layers and including a brush tip editing capability. The helpfile, additional filters and (of course) the japanese version can be downloaded at the homepage separately. (v2.1b, 3Mb)
Serif PhotoPlustop pick Wow! The dislikes first: You have to give a snail-mail address to get the download and a phone call to get rid of a nagscreen. On the other hand you get layers, photoshop-filter compatibility, web-optimization, creation of GIF animations and image maps and CMYK separation for free!! (Screenshot)(v5, 20 MB)
The Gimp The famous GNU image manipulation program has finally found its way to the windows platform. With Script-Fu you create logos like (stoned), (sprayed) or (flamed) in seconds! (v1.2.3, March 10th 2002, 9.3Mb)
20/20 Very good picture editor, image viewer, screen capture, thumbnail generator, slide show creator, support for Twain compliant devices and a list of effects. (v2.2, 2.1MB; ad-supported)
Embellish The company dadaware, makers of this good painting program, is history but still offers its flagship for free download. (2.1 Mb)
Ultimate Paint Version 1.91f of this great painting program is still available as freeware. Download this to get a big pack of more effects. The actual shareware version is 2.80.
Ultimate FX A spin-off of Ultimate Paint. Lots of filters and Photoshop-filter compatible. (v1.3, 2.2MB, ad-supported)
Slide Show Movie Maker Creates a great presentation from your static pictures by adding transition effects, text, zoom and move effects and sound support in several formats saving the show as AVI . Don't worry: Site and program are in english.(v3.5.3, 543kb)
XNview Good image viewer with support for lots of formats. Versions exist for Windows 3.x/9x/2000/NT, Linux x86, FreeBSD x86, Solaris SPARCS and IRIX in many languages. (v1.50, 1.8MB)
Irfan Viewtop pick Fast image viewer, one file only! Supports all common formats, including transparent and animated GIFs, slideshow, batch conversion, thumbnails and Twain interface. Supports Filter Factory filters and MP3 files. (V3.85 800k)
Corel Photo-Paint for Linux One of the most popular painting programs for Windoze is available for Linux for free. If you can't get used to GIMP or you have switched from Windows to Linux this might be an alternative! Link leads to RPM version, Debian available. (v9, 92MB)
DPic The digital image index creator creates a contact-sheet like overview of your pics and stores it as JPG. Many options. (v0.9.2, 760k)
Povray The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics. Official versions for Windows 95/98/NT, DOS, Macintosh, i86 Linux, SunOS, and Amiga. Source code is available. (V3.5 5.2Mb)
Blender Blender is a free and fully functional 3D modeling/rendering/animation package for Unix/Windows/BeOS systems. Blender is distributed without sources [and] is free to be applied for any purpose, excluding commercial distribution. All features now included in the freeware version!(v2.31a, 2.2Mb)
Terragen Create your own landscape photorealistic pictures of impressive quality. Look here for a thumbnail (4k) or a full screen (80k) example. (beta v0.8.68, 2.8MB)
La Fonta Polish your true types or your logo with some 3D effect or customize your screensaver with nice messages with La Fonta. (Sample) (V1.1, 99kb)
Font Magic Font Magic creates logos from any true type font like Cool 3D. Set size, angle, depth, color, texture and light. Save as static images or animations (sequence of single pictures). (v1.0c, 2MB)
AnManie A squeezer program with a professional interface and lots of cool tools. The icons of the german interface are quite self-explaining. Large (with installer and help) and small edition available. (v2.3, 618kb)
Caricatur Squeeze your pictures with the mouse. Several functions to provide long noses, big eyes, ... Funny effects.(v1.8, 1.1MB)
ImagoWeb Image viewer, supports all common formats, with Twain interface and thumbnail preview. Lots of effects, among them "page curl" and "make tile image".(v1.0, 720kb)
Morph Man Morph your pictures and save the transition as AVI or every single frame (standard formats supported)(v1.1, 1.6MB).

Sound Tools
Finale Notepadtop pick If you are interested in music notation programs you have probably heard of Finale. Even if you have not, this is the time to get a great piece of software for a free registration. (serial number is sent via email) Screenshot Eine deutsche Version gibt es hier. (V2003, 5MB)
Encounter 2000 A lost son is back ;-) Once freeware, shareware, freeware again: Encounter 2000 is a good Wave-Editor, including several edit- and filter-functions. (V1.1, 1.4 MB)
Waveflow *.wav-Editor that can perform over 60 functions (like digital filtering, reverb, echo effects, equalize, fades,...). Freeware version at the bottom of the page!
Winamp The reference of the MP3-players, probably everybody knows its plugins and skins. (V2.79, 2.1MB)
Yamp Great player for all common sound formats incl. *.mp3. Lots of fancy designs available (also import of winamp-skins via Yamp-tools). (V3.3, 2.1 MB)
WinJey All in one: Play common formats, is compatible with winamp-plug-ins and uses winamp-skins as well as yamp-designs.(V1.01, 570kb)
Sonique A sound-player with a truly breathtaking design! Plays MP3, Audio-CD, MOD and other formats. Lycos-login required for download. (V1.96, 1.9MB)
Cool Player One single exe, small download, good MP3 player including MP3 to wav conversion. Lots of skins available. (build 8472, 149kb)
MusicMatch Jukebox The one stop solution for ripping, MP3 encoding, playing and burning your favourite tracks.(v6.1, 7.3MB)
CDextop pick One download, including a ripper, CD to WAV, CD to MP3 or WAV to MP3. Create your own CDs. (V1.50 beta 6, 1.9Mb)
MP3-Box One more: The MP3Box contains a ripper, encoder and player, but a bigger download. (v1.2.4, 3.2 MB)
MP3-Suite Here you will find everything you need to work with MP3 files including encoders, a GUI and even a MP3 to WAV decoder. (Ripper missing?)
Hammerhead Drum Editor with 32 pre-defined patterns (Bases, Snares, Crash, open/close HiHat...) Add your own and export your rhythm as RAW or WAV. Groovy!

Fresh Download Another ad-free download manager with multi-connections, scheduling and anti-virus support (if you have some AV installed). Not tested yet, listed upon recommendations. Free registration required. (V3.00, 1.3 MB)
Download Expert No advertising and no more broken downloads with this download expert, supporting redirections and multiple threads.(V0.99, 760kb)
Smartstore 2000 Express Excellent shop-building software. Free version allows up to 20 articles, each one with its own variations. Generates pure HTML, so absolutely provider-independent, available in english, german, greek (free registration required; v2.1.1; 14 MB)
1st page 2000 Great HTML-editor, highlights: access local and remote files, customizable Syntax Highlighting, preview of pages in up to 4 browsers, real-time update, quick resolution change, lots of sample scripts included. (v2.00; 5,1 MB)
HTML-Kit HTML-Kit is a full-featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, validate, preview and publish web pages. Plugins for PHP, XML, Perl etc. available. (v1.0 build 290, 2.6MB)
Neotrace Express Have you ever wondered, where this or that site is located... in real world? NeoTrace will tell you. The commercial version is well known, now you get a "lighter" one for free. (835kB)
Buttonz & Tilez Good tool to create Buttons and Textures for the internet or for your desktop. Easy to use interface. (2.8MB)
Reptile Create textures or gradients with many optional settings. Free registration required. (v2.0, 2.5MB)
Map Maker pro lite A little helper to create client side image maps. (You define several areas of one picture as buttons.) (v2.4, 490kb)
Picture Dicer Cut your picture in rectangles of different sizes and combine each piece with a different link. (v0.39, 460kb)
WS_FTP 95 LE One of many FTP-Tools on the web. Reliable with many options. (v5.08, 1,1 MB)
HTML Picture Painter Create a web-page from a small picture: HTMLPP transfers every pixel to a coloured ASCII-characters. Any textfile can be used. Sample (v2.0, 120kb)

Great family Although this nice tool for genealogy recently has turned into shareware, the free version is still available. Major points: Import of GEDCOM standard, export of html-pages. (v1.0.1, 890k)
Visual Thought One more flowchart and structure presenting tool, offered with a free license - valid for 13 years - on the download page. (7MB)
Proxy Designer Don't let the name fool you: This designer is a kind of flowcharter with many different types of shapes. (you know visio?) (v1.0, 2.3MB, free registration required)
Dia Another interesting flowcharter, available for Windows and some Unix systems as well. (1.7MB)
MindMan Personal Edition Do you know mind mapping? It is a great way to write down the results of brain storming and to build structures about the points. This is a free version of an effective commercial tool...(v3.0, 890k)
Font Matcher If you have a sample (BMP) of a font, this software finds the nearest one in your font archive. (v1.03, 2.2MB incl. VB-files)
Ultimate ZIP Ultimate Zip is head to head with Power Archiver and already has some details you won't find in PA. (v.2.7beta3, 3MB)
Power Archiver Zip-Shell, with drag and drop, context menue, SFX, multi-disk spanning, built-in support for all common formats. Skinable toolbar. Shareware since v7.0 so look for v6.1. (1.4MB)
InfoRapid SE A powerful search and replace tool for text- and Word-files. You can even search for multiple words in mutliple documents. English and german version available. (v3.1d, 1.0Mb)
X-Fonter This font manager also shows installed and uninstalled fonts and offers some nice graphical effects. (v3.7.3, 767kb)
Font Viewer View installed and uninstalled fonts in overview or customizable samples. Menues in english or spanish. (v3.00, 190kb)
The font thing View, manage, install, uninstall or group installed as well as uninstalled fonts. Customizable sample text. (0.80 (beta 2), 490kb)
CamStudio Easy ScreenCam, which records what happens on your desktop (with or w/o mouse) and saves it as AVI. Recorded area and size customizable. Open source, so source code is available separately. (v1.0; 455kB)
Corel Presentations Create Web-ready slide shows, multimedia presentations and interactive demos. As you might assume by the name, Presentations does a similar thing to MS Powerpoint(TM). (v9; 72MB)
ConText Very flexible text editor, unlimited open files and editing file size, 4kB line length, multilanguage-support, syntax highlighting, DOS->UNIX->Macintosh, macro recorder, columnar text selection and much more (v0.97.1; 1,1 MB)
CSdiff Fast comparison of files or directories to analyze changes between two revisions of one file or folder. Lists differences in one window, exports report as html-file, optinally ignores white-space/letter-case. (v2.5; 960 k)
Borland Delphi 6 PE 32-bit optimizing native-code compiler, full RAD-IDE with Code Editor and debugger and color syntax highlighting. Mainly missing: enhanced database support, web-support and team management and "only" 85+ components included. (free registration required, no commercial applications allowed!) (Size: 147 MB plus Patch of 14 MB) Linux-users might be interested in Kylix.
Borland C++ Compiler Quote: "Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 is a blazingly fast 32-bit optimizing compiler. It includes the latest ANSI/ISO C++ compliance including the RTL, the STL framework and C++ template support." Free registration required. Not tested. (v5.5, 7Mb)
Bloodshed C++ Compiler Quote: "Dev-C++ is a full-featured integrated development environment (IDE), which is able to create Windows or dos-based C/C++ programs using the Mingw32 compiler system (included with this package), or the Cygwin compiler." Not tested. (V4.00, 7,7Mb)
Envelop VB Compiler Planned as an alternative to MS' Visual Basic Compiler. If link does not work, download here (7.3 MB).
Shadows How to create your personal sundial in many different styles, including a large database for geographic coordinates. Application supports many different languages, while helpfile is in english only. (v1.6.2, 2MB)
OpenOffice Based on StarOffice this is an excellent office package including word processor, spread sheet, presentation and more. Office 97 compatible. Available for Solaris, Win9x/NT and Linux in English, German and many more languages. (v1.0.1, 60MB)
Easy Office Word processing, spread sheet and database in one environment (like "StarOffice"). Supports Excel 5, RTF, HTML and DBase. Source code available! (v1.1, 5.4MB)
Softmaker Small Office Also all three office applications for free, but with limitations, e.g. 40 rows per spread sheet. Good for home use anyway. Asked for free registration. (German)
AbiWord Promising word processor under GNU license for Win32, Linux, BeOs and several Unix variations. Reads RTF and Word 97.doc, dictionary support. (Beta v0.7.14-2, 2.8Mb)
Atlantis Nova One more word processor, working so far with rtf and txt files. (v1.0.0.33, 660 kb)
Sphygmic Software Spreadsheet "If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel [4], the spreadsheet is broadly compatible, will behave similarly and accept most formulae that Excel accepts." (16 bit)
Powerdesk Powerful file manager, optional NC- or explorer compatible. Treats common archives as directories. Supported by a fixed (non-rotating) ad. (v4, 1.1 MB)
Servant Salamander File manager, good NC-clone, recently turned into shareware, v1.52 is freeware. (212kb)
Native Commander Very good NC-Clone, supports common archives. V1.3 is freeware with a few weak spots. Version 1.5 is shareware.
Digita Organizer Organizer, including add-ons, glossaries, tables, etc. (v1.1)
Winter Organizer, configurable in german, french and danish. Lots of options. Nag screen after a number of program starts can be avoided by editing ini-file. (This IS freeware!)(v3.7, Win32:770kb, Win16: 1.1Mb)
CatFish Simple program that catalogs your storage media, so you can search the indices instead of all the CDs. (v1.9, 113kb)
Transparent Make the background of your icon-titles transparent (nice when using background pictures or textures). (v4.2)
Transparent Desktop Same procedure: Transparency for your desktop.

Simple Sudoku A Sudoku consists of a square of 3x3 boxes, each containing 3x3 cells. To solve a Sudoku fill in all blank cells making sure that each row, column and 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Don't let the name fool you: Simple Sudoku creates great puzzles and provides tools to help solve them. Multi language support. (v4.1s, 811kb)
Shanghai No bells and whistles, just a good and nice version of single-person Mahjongg. (v0.8b, 610kb)
Pac-Manhattan A Pac Man-Clone with a light modification and very nice 3D graphics. Note: The ghost-bug in level 'hard' is supposed to be fixed in version 1.2 (v1.2, 1.1MB)
BillardGL A Billard-Game with superb graphics for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and several different languages! Walk around the table to get an overview before you aim your shot. Sound support and computer opponent still to come. (v1.75, 791kb)
Jigsaw Puzzle Promo Creator Create an electronic puzzle from your own pictures, add a link and customize the comments in your language. Fixed size of 35 pieces and Adware, a really small link is placed at the bottom of your product. (v2.00, 1.72MB)
Hornado Cool shoot-em up, side-scrolling like Katakis with big level-bosses. English and german available. Download as one file or smaller parts, demo of 2MB available separately. (DirectX 7 req., v2.0, 18MB, update-file from 1.0 available)
Baroque Arcade shooter with a twist. You are a little angel, fighting against the darker forces of evil. (1 MB)
JellyFish JellyFish is a neural net based backgammon program that plays at a very high level (so the author claims ;-). Two versions with less luxury than the commercial version are available. Player version including load/save game and setup of positions. (lite v3.5 1.5MB, player v3.0 600kb)
Geerts Backgammon Change colors and computer's skill as you like and play... (2.9.7, Win95:140kb Win3.1:73kb)
Visual Pinball If you are addicted to pinball and want to play your favourite one at the PC you could find it under Visual Pinball. If not: Build your own table that you have been dreaming of. Well, it is some work! I haven't tried my own table, but some of the examples are terrific. (unfortunately Addams family has no working link these days) (tech beta, v 0.4.1930, 5,2 Mb)
Tuxracer The linux penguin on a rollercoaster ride through the antarctica. Fun for kids and grown-ups as well. Catch the herrings. Available for Linux and Windows32. (v 0.61, 8,5 Mb)
Blobby Volley Did you ever want to play beach volleyball without that nasty sand? A nice small game with good graphics gives the old PONG principle a new twist.(v 1.7.4, 788kb)
Flight Gear An impressive flight simulator with many options, autopilot and huge real terrains for download. The textures look a bit "flat" though. Available for different Mac, Win and several Unix systems. (v0.7.10 Win32: 25MB)
Leo's Flight Sim Originally designed for Palm and Pocket PCs (!) this little one looks very good on a desktop PC also. There is also a space combat simulator available here.(beta5, 1.2 MB)
Revolver A Rubik's type game where you have to turn two rings to move the colours to the right places. (2.29 MB)
Mustrum One more "Four connect" clone, but this one uses chess algorithms to compete. Check this out. (v 1.34, 700 kB, available in english and german)
Pengo 3D 3D remake of an old arcade game: Put the diamonds together and use the ice cubes to smash your enemies. (1.4 MB)
Trommy This is a kind of remake of the older shareware game "Hexxagon" with Amiga-like graphics. Looks nice, plays well.(v1.0, 1.2 MB)
Bonzala A kind of Pac Man in 3D. You have to collect hearts and move the directions of the crossings to avoid your enemies.(v0.61, 790k)
Linkz On a game board similar to the game "pipes" you have to turn all existing tubes to leave no open end. Sounds easy? Another mind puzzle for a short break.(v1.2.1, 250kb)
Stone Packer This grandson of Tetris will tease you, you will hate it... and try again. Fill the field up to the last stone.(v4.01 2,7MB)
Mobility If you liked SimCity you will love this one. Build the houses, the infrastructure and manage the public transport. English and german version and manual available. (v1.7, 40 MB)
Mindjongg The one player 'Shanghai' variation of Mahjongg with customizable tiles, layouts, background and probably all the options you would expect. Free registration to get rid of a nagscreen.(v4.02 2,7MB)
Four in a cube You all know 'Four in a row'. Here is a 3D version with nice graphics and a flexible view. (650 kB)
Lead Soldiers A great real time strategy game (principle of CnC) for free. (including tutorial levels) (4.1MB)
Scrabble The classical board game for 1 to 6 players, available for English, German, French and Dutch. (V2.501, 1.6MB)
Smoke'em Poker A poker round where each opponent has its own character. Simple graphics, good game. Cheerio! (Beerware!)(V1.9, 1.3MB)
Sentrytop pick Watch your moves: The Sentinel is back! Move over the landscape and absorbe the energy to finally face the master of the level. (DirectX, V1.1, 1.3MB)
Turbo Lode The author of the sentry now brings the famous loderunner to the third dimension.(DirectX, v1.2, 1.3MB)
IGo Learn how to play the ancient game of Go (on a 9x9 board), nice graphics, good tutorial included. (800kb)
Checkers Something for your mind... Different levels, solid program. (v1.22 569kb)
Othello Also known as reversi and other names: Catch the opponent's pieces and make them your colour. Not too strong but quite beautiful.
DX Ball "Little break out" has brought his big brother with him. Arkanoid-like Arcade. (DirectX required.)
Bubble Puzzle Shoot bubbles with your cannon, three or more of the same color will disappear. Nice Tetris variation. (v1.3c 1.4MB)
Gamehippo More than 1000 games, rated and categorized, waiting for you to download for free.

Screen Saver
SaverWiz Another SCR-file creator for a presentation, does not include music but is easier to handle. (v1.1, 922 kB)
Screenkeeper Hooray! A free ScreenSaver Creator, which isn't even adware anymore. Create your SCRs from a list of pictures, add some sound and give them away. (v6.9, 2.2 MB)
MixScreen Combine a list of pictures with a comment per pic and organizer-like data to a good-looking screensaver. (V1.022, 770 kb)

Palm programs
A5top pick Enhancement for your datebook with different views. (0.1g beta, 191k)
Disable buttons Save energy by preventing the hardware buttons from activating your display. (2.1, 4k)
Easy password (german) Store your password list encrypted on your palm. (13k)
Yaps Yet another password saver. (2.5, 32k)
Feiertage Add german holidays to your datebook. (2.5, 58k)
Filez Very nice file manager to get rid of files the application left behind and to manage your extension card. (5.3, 235k)
Marbles squared Nice implementation of the 'same game'. (1.5, 31k)
PLZFix Move the german city code (PLZ) in front of city names of your address book. Run once and forget it. (6k)
Prison Nice breakout clone. (1.6, 56k)
Today If you like the overview screen of Pocket PCs about your today's tasks then get this one. Many different skins available. (1.8, 205k)
Vexedtop pick Put on your thinking hat and move the right boxes to clear the screen. Many levels available for download. (2.1B1, 120k)
PFB File manager PC to Palm (and vice versa), moves MP3 files much faster than Hotsync ;-) (1.0, 57k)
Shisensho Similar to Shanghai / Mahjongg: Remove pairs of stones, that are no more than three straight lines apart. (1.24, 23k)
ZGrab Screenshot program (PCX) for different resolutions (reading the manual is essential). (1.1a, 6k)

Freeware sites
Free Serif Software Have you tried Photo Plus? Here you get more professional software for DTP, graphics and web-design for just a free registration. Be aware: Large files of 15-20 MB.
Freeware Home No ratings but an impressive archive. Updated almost daily. Weekly mailing list available for free.
NONAGS Great freeware archive, all programs rated with duckies ;-) Updated almost daily.
Freeware32 Large archive for free- and shareware, most of them rated. This link leads to the daily freeware updates.
FreewarePalm A big archive of freeware for your palm. Go there.
Visual Paradox A large gallery of rendered images as well as real life photography. Updated weekly. Visual paradox lately features some of wombat's photos in his guest galleries.
PCPlus Full versions Get here to download programs like LivePix, Caligari Truespace, Image Pals, File Maker, Idealist and others for free!
Top Free Software Sites The "Top Free Software Sites Index" gives lots of useful links, each with a short description.
Links to free software Henk takes care of a remarkable list of links to freeware sites.
Fonts for the Addict No need to write by hand. Express yourself by choosing the right font here. Updated weekly.
1001 Free Fonts Fonts, fonts, fonts... as you like it.
Font Pool Even more truetypes... More or less updated regularly.
Anke-Art Just good-looking fonts, site in english and german.
Larabie Fonts Lots of selfmade fonts in all categories. Note the download pig: All (!) fonts of this site in one download.
Fishdick Deco-Fonts with some very special ideas ;-) Must see.
Acid Fonts Big font archive, worth a look, but be warned about some nasty pop-ups at some links.

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