When the two planes crashed into the world trade center towers, we stopped breathing. No one could really describe what went on in our heads. We have been with you, America, we surely have.
Later on I went crazy on the thought, people bying all postcards from the shelves, that showed the twins, just to sell them afterwards for a much higher (collector's!) price. THIS is the reason why I brought my best photos of NYC together (with or without WTC) and present them to you here. I hope that these pictures do not hurt anybody's feelings. If so, let me apologize immediately. All these pictures ARE self-taken and so they are copyrighted by me. Any use for non-private purpose requires my explicit permission. God bless you all.

border line
Skyline from the south Close and up Cloudscraper Skyline from the east
Manhattan Traffic Brooklyn Bridge Contrast

border line
(c) 2001 by Wombat