Get in the mood for the next holiday. May be you will take a photo from here for your next wallpaper? Click on the thumbnails to see the original picture at 1024 x 700 pixel and max. 130 kb. All these pictures ARE self-taken and so they are copyrighted by me. Any use except non-commercial pleasure is not allowed without explicit permission of me and myself. Would you like more information e.g. about the locations? Send an email by clicking on the contact button.

Once upon the time... Cannonball Lighthouse at the end of the world country view
Life at the beach Hard Rock Hill City Dawn at the beach
Beach at Barbados Sunset on Barbados View to the sea, Barbados UNO HQ, New York
Uptown Manhattan, New York Koh Samui, Thailand Funny weather on Koh Samui Wedding girls in Sri Lanka
Boat on the shore, Sri Lanka Sunset mood, Sri Lanka Quiet evening, Sri Lanka Hunas Falls, Sri Lanka
Garden in Kandi, Sri Lanka Young monks, Sri Lanka Copter transfer to Maledives Maledives island
Welcome to paradise Velidhu, Maledives Coral reef at Maledives Another coral reef at Maledives
Stormy weather on Velidhu Club Manader, Agadir, Marocco Market in Agadir, Marocco Dentist in Agadir, Marocco

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